The Cowboy is the industry’s original cubic yard composite corrugated container that combines our best product features, such as hassle-free pre-installed liners, and offers great value for packaging your regulated and non-regulated materials.  Cowboy containers are wrapped in UV coated polypropylene which protects contents from the elements better than standard Gaylord boxes, and replaces (4) 55-gallon drums for solid material packaging. The Cowboy is renowned by field operators as the easiest to use and the most reliable knockdown container on the market.
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UN Classification
11HG2W CA2006040035
BatteryPak - Standard
36” x 36” x 36”
Container Weight
22 lbs
27 cu ft
Lab Pack Exempt
Lift Straps
UV treated high density woven polypropylene
6-mil polyethylene (preinstalled) open top duffle
Integrated two-flap cover
Pallet Size
40” x 40” (Required for rating - sold separately)
Pallet Quantity
Approved To Ship
PG-I: 1800 lb solids; PG-II & PG-III: 2400 lb solids
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  • Collapsible design reduces freight and warehouse cost up to 30% compared to corrugated boxes
  • Pre-Installed liner guarantees the proper installation of the liner ensuring a proper fit, reduces undue stress on the liner due to improper installation and eliminates missing liners.
  • Continuous Fiberboard Sleeve scored on two opposing sides provides greater stacking and allows the container to knocked down and lay flat
  • Bonding the fiberboard to the woven coated polypropylene guarantees the board is protected from the elements and increases the overall container strength by as much as 1.25X compared to pocket design containers
  • Two flap closure system with ties attached to the container for easy/secure closure
  • The optional SureFit reinforcing truss system eliminates side wall bulge and offers outstanding stackability
  • Can be used anywhere an IB6, IB7, IB8, BIC06, IBC07, or IBC08 is allowed. See 172.102 Table 1B (IBC codes)