Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

PackGen offers a range of FIBC bulk bags, or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), are an economical and efficient way to package, store, and handle products. Depending on bulk density of raw material and the physical size of the FIBC, each bag is designed to handle weights from 2000-3500 lbs of solid materials.

The “Rite Sack”, a FIBC, is a cost effective way to transport your non-regulated and regulated dry flowable materials. We manufacture standard cubic yard containers for hazardous materials along with custom designed flexible intermediate bulk containers for your non-hazardous materials.

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RiteSak UN Approved Bulk Bags

A cost effective way to transport your regulated dry flowable materials.


Custom RiteSaks Bulk Bags to meet your specific filling, discharging and handling needs.

RiteSak Standard Bulk Bags

The PackGen RiteSak is exceptionally strong for its weight and resists punctures, breakage, moisture and pests.