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Helpful and Regulatory Links

Hazardous Material Table (HMT) – This link will take you to the Hazardous Materials Table. Government site. Very large page be patient.

49CFR Transportation Parts 105 – 177 Part 1
49CFR Transportation Parts 178 – 199 Part 2
– Hint DO NOT click on the link under the “part” as this will load the entire Subsection. Rather use the links under the “table of contents” header to go to the various subparts. Government site.

Special Provisions – This will take you to Special Provisions and the Table 1—IB Codes (IBC Codes). It is located about three quarters of the way down the page. Government site.

Useful Direct links in the HMR:

Hazard Classes (173.2)
Markings of Non Bulk  (178.503)
Marking of IBCs  (178.703)
PGI Non Bulk Packagings  (173.211)
PGII Non Bulk Packagings  (173.212)
PGIII Non Bulk Packagings  (173.213)

Bulk Packaging for Hazardous Materials other than Class1 and Class 7  (173.240 – 249)

Salvage & Overpack Requirements

Salvage drums (173.3.(c))
Overpack (173.25) Also see (§173.12.(f)(1))

Hazardous Waste  and the Reuse of Packagings:

Exceptions for Waste Materials (lab pack)(173.12(b))
Exceptions for Waste Materials (Reuse)(173.12(c))

Hazardous Materials in IBCs (173.35)
IBC filling limits (173.35 (I))
Reuse, reconditioning & remanufacturing of packagings (173.28)

Shippers Responsibilities

Shipper’s Responsibility (173.22)
General Requirements for Packagings and Packages (173.24)

Special Permits

Special Permits (173.22a)
Search for Special Permits (PHMSA)
Special Permit (107 Subpart B) Application

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)
U.S Department of Transportation

DOT PHMSA Home page
Regulations (PHMSA)
Hazmat Interpretations

Incident-Reporting: 1-800-424-8802

Hazardous Materials Information Center:
Have a question about transporting hazardous materials?
1-800-467-4922 or (202) 366-4488

Federal EPA Web Site Links

EPA Hotline: (800) 424-9346
U.S. EPA Home Page
Title40 EPA 40 CFR

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