Lapoint Packaging, a division of PackGen, offers a selection of single- and multi-use liquid totes. Our pop-up style ORCA totes offer an alternative to corrugated liquid totes, bottle-in-cage, and pooled programs.

Sustainable, Responsible, Reliable

The LP ORCA Liquid Tote offers a highly sustainable solution to bulk liquid packaging.

Approximately 70% of our container is constructed of SuCore, a highly renewable, biodegradable resource which is made from bagasse, the natural by-product of sugarcane processing. Read more about our sustainable packaging solutions here.

ORCA Liquid Tote Spec Sheet (Printable PDF)

ORCA 275 Gallon Liquid Tote 48X40

Fits seamlessly into most liquid tote applications, while improving your carbon footprint. 

ORCA 220 Gallon Liquid Tote 48X40

The 220 gallon ORCA is ideal for low profile/max capacity requirements and combines the best features of rigid IBCs with all the advantages of collapsible pop-up liquid totes.

ORCA 275 Gallon Liquid Tote 45×45

The 45×45 footprint is ideal for overseas transport, maximizing your volume per sea container. Availaible for liquid or solids applications.

ORCA 110 Gallon Liquid Tote 48×40

The 110 gallon is a great alternative to 55 gallon drums. Low profile for easy loading and stacking up to 5 high. Availaible for liquid or solids applications.