Collapsible Containers: Innovative Cubic Yard Containers and Non-Bulk Solutions for Regulated and Non-Regulated Materials Packaging

PackGen has designed smarter, safer, greener and stronger packaging solutions for ways to the world’s manufacturing, environmental and industrial trades since 1979. PackGen enjoys an international reputation as a leader in innovative design, durable construction, logistical ingenuity, and economical collapsible container solutions for cubic yard, bulk, non-bulk, chemical packaging, catalyst packaging, solid waste transportation, hazmat container and universal waste containers.

Environmental organizations, chemical manufacturers, oil and gas companies, catalyst producers, pharmaceutical companies, and more can rely on PackGen to supply a quality selection of bulk bags, catalyst containers, cubic yard boxes, non bulk hazardous materials containers, spill containment pools, and chemical/raw materials packaging. PackGen containers (aka Wrangler boxes) can replace up to (5) 55-gallon drums for solid material packaging, and the extra durable polypropylene composite construction make PackGen containers far more impervious to UV and moisture than plain Gaylord boxes.