PackGen enjoys a world-wide reputation for innovative design, durable construction, logistical ingenuity, and economical solutions for the world’s collapsible container and packaging needs. But PackGen offers more than just hazmat containers, bulk bags and composite packaging. Our additional product selection includes Battery Pak Battery Recycling Containers, RoundUp Spill Containment Pools and 55 gallon RoundUp. Whatever your industrial containment requirements, PackGen has a heavy duty, affordable and space efficient receptacles to match your needs. Discover the PackGen difference when you switch from cumbersome, heavy barrels and containers to the light yet durable PackGen bulk containers and packaging.

We are continually bringing new products to market based on the needs of our customers. Check this page for additions, or receive news and product updates by liking us on Facebook.

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Designed for durability and moisture resistance for the disposal of batteries, e-waste and related materials.


Drum size container well-suited for use with incinerators, fuel blenders and smelters where space is an issue.

RiteSak Standard Bulk Bags

The PackGen RiteSak is exceptionally strong for its weight and resists punctures, breakage, moisture and pests.

RoundUp Containment Pools

Spill containment pool designed for overflow or drips associated with pumping, filling, and storage of liquids.