ORCA 275 Gallon Liquid Tote 48X40

Lapoint Packaging is pleased to introduce our all-new single-use ORCA Liquid Totes. Our pop-up style totes offer an alternative to corrugated liquid totes, bottle-in-cage, and pooled containers, and our new 220-gallon and 110-gallon totes are a great alternative to 55-gallon drums. LP ORCA Liquid Totes are proudly engineered and built in the USA.

The ORCA’s core is created from all-natural, highly renewable sugarcane byproduct. Our unique interior SuCore panels provide superior strength, while remaining lighter and greener than traditional bulk liquid packaging. Sustainability Statement.

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OD: 46"L x 38"W x 40"H ID: 43 1/4"L x 35 1/4"W x 40"H
Container Weight Without Cover
81 lbs
Container Weight With Cover
91 lbs
Weight with Liner Cassette
98 lbs
Total Weight With Body/Cover/Liner Cassette & Pallet
148 lbs
Pallet Size
48" x 40"
Pallet Quantity
Truckload Quantity
374 Complete Units (tote, lid, liner in cassette)
275 gal / 1041 ltr
Max Working Load
2500 lbs
Stacking Limits
quoted per application
LLDPE 3-Ply in Loading Cassette
Fill and Decant Fitments
2" / 2"


  • Skirted UV protected and water-resistant cover over flexible
    truss offers easy access for drop-in liner cassette
  • Woven recyclable PE exterior sheds splatters, is moisture
    and UV resistant and can be cleaned without damaging
    the core
  • Pop-up composite body requires no additional assembly
    and takes only seconds to prepare for filling
  • Move 17 totes directly to your fill line in a
    single stack. No need to pre-stage.
  • Our direct-contact liquid liners are FDA/Halal/Kosher approved
    and IMS certified
  • Specialty Liners Available
  • Compatible with automated filling equipment
  • Available with or without bottom discharge valve