PackGen offers a variety of UN classified hazmat containers to suit every need across a wide range of industries. Our innovative collapsible container technology can reduce freight and warehouse costs by up to 30% compared to rigid or corrugated boxes, while reducing your carbon footprint and boosting employee safety and productivity.

Our proven products are designed and assembled in the U.S. to the most stringent regulatory standards and subjected to rigorous internal and third-party testing before shipping to business all over the world.

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Designed for durability and moisture resistance for the disposal of batteries, e-waste and related materials.


The Cowboy is the industry’s original composite 11HG2W pop-up container and the most reliable knockdown container on the market.


Drum size container well-suited for use with incinerators, fuel blenders and smelters where space is an issue.


The PackGen Maverick is one of our many next-generation of hazmat containers. An excellent cubic yard container to replace Gaylord boxes or drums for solid materials packaging.


The largest of our standard UN approved hazmat containers, with a capacity of 3000 lbs for PG II and PG IIII materials, the Ponderosa replaces up to (5) 55-gallon drums for solid material packaging


The PackGen Pony IBC cubic yard container is a collapsible composite hazmat container replaces Gaylord boxes or (4) 55-gallon drums for solid material packaging.

RiteSak UN Approved Bulk Bags

A cost effective way to transport your regulated dry flowable materials.

RoundUp Containment Pools

Spill containment pool designed for overflow or drips associated with pumping, filling, and storage of liquids.