PackGen offers a wide selection of innovative catalyst and chemical packaging products that save both time and money. Rather than renting flow bins or other containers, PackGen allows you to own your own containers, making disposal and recycling easy while allowing you to optimize transportation logistics. For help in choosing the right container from our chemical and calalyst packaging product line, please contact our experts at 207.784.4195, or send us an inquiry.

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Cougar 52

The first and ONLY catalyst containers designed/approved specifically for transportation of spent and fresh catalyst.

Cougar 40

Designed/approved specifically for transportation of spent and fresh catalyst. They are lightweight and collapsible, saving you space, effort, and money.


Your one-stop source for custom container design, engineering and manufacturing.


The PackGen Xtractor is our next generation 11HG2W collapsible IBC container for highly hazardous chemicals.