Custom Container Design & Manufacturing

When your packaging needs are anything but standard, and you need very specific containers to transport your materials safely and economically, let PackGen be your one-stop source for design, engineering and manufacturing.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Technology

Now, you can take advantage of PackGen’s extensive in-house, custom-built production equipment. We automate where possible for consistency and cost savings, while maintaining a substantial, highly-skilled crew for the quality insurance and ongoing innovation that only the effective human oversight can provide. From 3-D printing and exclusive PackGen robotics…to Think Tank collaboration, PackGen balances technology with talent for the best manufacturing outcomes.

Personal Assistance

When requesting a custom container, it is important that precise application specifications are provided to determine the proper construction materials and the best manufacturing process for full compliance and functionality of your custom container. Please contact us for a thorough needs assessment. Your inquiry will be answered promptly by a member of our knowledgeable sales and service team.

In-house Design and Engineering

Our on-staff engineers are capable of designing and building prototypes to your unique specifications. This hands-on approach to custom packaging solutions sets PackGen apart in our industry as ongoing innovation leaders.

Testing and Compliance

Packgen’s products which are UN-rated, whether they are part of our standard inventory or custom designed, are fully tested for compliance both onsite in the PackGen design lab, and by 3rd parties as required by law. We continuously evaluate our products to offer increased value, highest quality, and ease-of-use.


“The practice of Custom Engineering is the rock upon which PackGen is built. We innovate while our competitors duplicate. Believing that the best innovations and products arise not from reproducing others’ ideas, we start by listening to our customers and understanding their unique situation. Our talented engineers then diagnose the condition and come up with a resolution that works, based upon our Total Value philosophy. PackGen’s team includes in-house engineers with nearly 100 combined years of experience. They custom design and assemble our products from the ground up, right here in the U.S.A. Since PackGen’s inception, our custom engineering approach has allowed us to continue to innovate and evolve our product line, meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. Here at packgen, we are constantly evaluating our products to see if we can offer increased value, higher quality, and enhanced user-friendliness.

As packgen fully embraces the demands of the 21st Century, it strives to deliver superior pioneering products, to continually add value for customers, and to sustain a corporate mission that has kept the ever-evolving company strong for decades.”

– John H. Lapoint, III, CEO