About Packgen

Hazardous Waste Storage and Hazardous Waste Transport

packgen emerged back in 1985 from UF Strainrite, a filtrations company. John H. Lapoint Jr. the founder of UFS formed the company back in 1979 as a filtration company. The company’s philosophy was based on creating value for our valued customers, and innovation was the staple ingredient to creating this value.

packgen was created out of a single need from one of our filter customers that had need for a product to transport a hazardous material for disposal in a safe and cost effective package. From this single need, packgen evolved and became the prominent supplier to the environmental market for shipping hazardous waste materials. Over the years, the product has evolved to handle a broad range of regulated and non-regulated materials. packgen was the originator of the “PopUp” style concept and advanced the product meet the composite packaging standards and once again raising the bar for all packaging. Today we continue to lead the environmental market and we are now taking our expertise into other markets.

We understand what composite packaging is all about. We always have. And today, packgen is more dedicated than ever to leading the world in revolutionary self-standing pop-up style composite containers to the IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) market. We build value by being “different by design” and build long term relationships with our customers.

As a company, we strive to deliver superior quality products to all of our markets on time, complete and defect-free. To continually innovate, and add value for our customers. And to uphold the core principles that have kept us strong since 1979.

Olympia Snowe and John Lapoint

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe and John Lapoint,
Owner of packgen.

  • Treat all stakeholders as partners
  • Do the right thing
  • Operate with a culture of family and community
  • Embrace change and continuously improve
  • Provide an environment for individual growth and fulfillment
  • To handle a broad range of regulated and non-regulated materials