Pony Composite Packaging

packgen is constantly striving to push the envelope on product innovation. Our patent pending Sure Fit Truss System, which is integral in the construction of the Pony Composite Packaging, aims to eliminate the unwarranted side-wall bulge that often occurs when using a traditional corrugated box. The Pony, like packgen’s other hazmat style boxes aims to help increase your businesses bottom-line, by greatly reducing both your freight and warehouse costs, as well as helping to increase efficiency in all aspects of your packaging processes.

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Product Information

  • UN Classification: 13H4
  • Capacity: 27′ Cubic Feet
  • PGII & PGIII 2400 lbs Solids
  • Liner: 6-mil Polyethylene
  • Pallet Size: 40″ x 40″
  • Pallet Quantity: 25 Units
  • Continuous Fiberboard Sleeve scored on two opposing sides provides greater stacking and allows the container to knocked down and lay flat.
  • Laminating the fiberboard to the woven coated polypropylene guarantees the board is protected from the elements and increases the overall container strength by as much as 1.25X compared to pocket design containers.
  • Patent Pending Optional Sure Fit Truss System eliminates unnecessary side-wall bulge.
  • Reduces freight and warehouse cost up to 30% compared to corrugated boxes.
  • Duffle Closure Design