CatMoves, Spent Catalyst Disposal & Recycling Transport

Packgen CatMoves for Spent Catalyst Recycling & Disposal Transport

Leave your catalyst transport logistics to us.

CatMoves is our new catalyst bulk logistics service program exclusively focused on the filling and transport of the packgen Cougar Catainer, an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) utilized to transport spent catalyst for the oil refinery industry. We will provide a CatBoss — a specially-trained, on-site supervisor — to demonstrate, document, and more, giving invaluable support to your Process Engineer/company.

Through our CatMoves, we will coordinate the shipment of our revolutionary Cougar Catainers to an oil refinery. Our CatBoss can supply on-site assistance for all stages of the filling and transport of spent catalyst to domestic or international locations, including:

  • Demonstrate and supervise the “less than 45 sec” easy staging of the durable, light-weight, pop-up Cougar Catainer
  • Train and monitor catalyst handlers during the filling and sealing of Cougar Catainers
  • Document and record the contents of each Cougar Catainer
  • Label each Cougar Catainer for tracking purposes
  • Provide a Summary Record Report for each Cougar Catainer and its transport container
  • Provide personal assistance for clients every step of the way
  • Available on-site for weeks at a time

Why choose CatMoves?

Refinery customers are looking to save time and money during the turnaround process of handling spent oil refinery catalyst. Time and again they have expressed their frustrations with having to deal with this unique waste material. Because of its potential environmental implications, spent catalyst must be handled with the utmost care and consideration for international laws and standards. By providing our new CatMoves — a kind of “turnkey” program of service —  packgen can complement its pioneering Cougar Catainer with a service program that provides invaluable time and cost-saving supervisory expertise on-site during the spent catalyst filling and shipping process.

Contact the container experts at packgen today to ask questions or to start your order at 207-784-4195.