CatMoves Spent Catalyst Transport

Spent Catalyst Recycling

spent catalyst recyclingInnovative industrial operations, including the recycling of spent catalyst, have benefited manufacturers of all types, but along with the new benefits, challenges have arisen as well. Waste management is a delicate and environmentally sensitive undertaking that must abide by a range of local and federal laws, bans and stringent regulations.

We at packgen have risen to the challenge gladly not only by providing customers the best  hazmat and bulk containers on the market, but also by implementing our recycling program. We remove and transport your spent catalyst to outfits which are able to employ different treatments that remove harmful contaminants such as mercury or hydrocarbons. After distillation of the spent catalyst the precious metals found within, such as copper, nickel, vanadium, iron, cobalt and zinc can then be utilized in metallurgical applications anew.

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