Why Choose Packgen?

In the CEO’s words …

Founded in 1979 as Wrangler Corporation, we transformed the company name in 2007 to packgen. From our Northeast United States headquarters in Auburn, Maine, our family–owned company continues to revolutionize the field of composite packaging for shipping regulated and non-regulated materials worldwide.

packgen has earned its stellar reputation for ground-breaking innovation and peace-of-mind dependability through a long-standing, company-wide commitment to developing superior products and supplying hands-on customer service. What’s more, packgen was the first international manufacturer to offer a semi-rigid, self-standing, Pop-Up style Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) to ship hazardous waste materials. Today, we also offer customized, high-value logistics programs to maximize our products’ usage.

We believe that Total Value is the cornerstone of any investment decision for your business. Using packgen composite packaging products can help increase your company’s bottom line by directly reducing labor, warehouse and shipping costs, and, in some cases, eliminate rental fees. All of our compactable product designs require specialized, custom-built production equipment. Our own engineers design and build to a client’s unique specifications; this provides a Value Proposition unparalleled elsewhere. When factoring in Total Value to your purchasing decision, packgen is both the best value on the market and the diamond standard in quality.

Are you “greening up” your company? packgen’s line of products not only save you money, but also help your business be more eco-friendly. With the rising price of fuel around the world, the time has never been better to try and reduce your logistics costs while simultaneously reducing your company’s carbon footprint. packgen‘s products are engineered to be extremely light and durable, and shipped flat in the most compact method possible – we call it our packstack. With the help of our product line, you will be able to increase the number of packages you ship on every truck, train, or sea container. More packages in every shipment means less cost for your company and fewer transportation vehicles on the road.

The practice of Custom Engineering is the rock upon which packgen is built. We innovate while our competitors duplicate. Believing that the best innovations and products arise not from reproducing others’ ideas, we start by listening to our customers and understanding their unique situation. Our talented engineers then diagnose the condition and come up with a resolution that works, based upon our Total Value philosophy. packgen’s team includes in-house engineers with nearly 100 combined years of experience. They custom design and assemble our products from the ground up, right here in the U.S.A. Since packgen’s inception, our custom engineering approach has allowed us to continue to innovate and evolve our product line, meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. Here at packgen, we are constantly evaluating our products to see if we can offer increased value, higher quality, and enhanced user-friendliness.

As packgen fully embraces the demands of the 21st Century, it strives to deliver superior pioneering products, to continually add value for customers, and to sustain a corporate mission that has kept the ever-evolving company strong for decades.

– John H. Lapoint, III, CEO